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“…The MCR professors, staff and classmates have added a new dimension to my thinking about how we can positively impact the lives of children throughout the world. The synergy of the brainpower in our classroom is electrifying.”
Sherry Sacino, CEO, Youth Empowerment Alliance Inc., USA

The Master of Advanced Studies in Children's Rights (MCR) is a part-time international and interdisciplinary postgraduate programme on children's rights, which takes place over a two-year period. The Programme is organised conjointly by the University of Fribourg and the Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB), both in Switzerland, and is designed for professionals who work with children’s rights issues, including lawyers, psychologists, sociologists, judges, social workers, government officials, staff of non-governmental organisations, academics and journalists. The participation of students with different backgrounds and career-levels in an interactive learning environment helps foster exchanges at both theoretical and practical levels. Students who participated in the MCR programme are holding staff positions for national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations such as OHCHR, HCR, UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, Save the Children, BICE, national and regional administrations and academic institutions.

The Programme has been accredited by the Swiss university conference (SUK/CUS) at the request of the Centre for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Swiss Universities (OAQ).

Contact and further information
Sarah Bruchez, Programme Secretary
Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB)
MAS in Children’s Rights
P.O. Box 4176 – CH-1950 Sion 4
Tel. +41 (27) 205 73 00
Fax +41 (27) 205 73 01

Date of accreditation: 1 February 2007
Validity of accreditation: 31 January 2014

 Decision by the the Swiss university conference as PDF (in French) (467 KB)
 Expert's report MAS in Children's Rights as PDF (in French)(176KB)
 Final report of the OAQ MAS in Children's Rights as PDF (in French) (168KB)

Student testimonials

“This is a high quality part-time course that represents a unique opportunity to learn with and from internationally-recognised professionals concerned with children’s agency. Children around the globe deserve to have adults who are not just concerned about their rights but who have the in-depth knowledge necessary to help them to realise these rights.”
Evelyn Winkler, Programme Development, SOS-Kinderdorf International, Austria

“It is an extremely useful programme for professionals interested in children’s and human rights. The theoretical knowledge gained is sure to enhance the practical work of the participants.”
Deepak Paj Sapkota, Country Director, Karuna Foundation, Nepal

“The MCR provides a great richness in its diversity. Participants and lecturers from all sorts of backgrounds and disciplines are involved in working towards one unifying goal – to understand and raise our children in a spirit of respect for their human rights.”
Alice Durgnat Levi, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Switzerland

"The participants and professors bring differing backgrounds and very interesting perspectives. The programme provides busy NGO executives with a chance to get away and learn in the bucolic atmosphere of Switzerland."
Edward O’Brien, Executive Director, Street Law Inc, Washington DC, USA

"The programme combines competence, professionalism, conviviality and the pleasure to learn and has provided me with technical knowledge, rigorous thinking on sensitive issues and an open mindedness that are all extremely precious in the exercise of my profession as an advocate. It’s practical and theoretical content, that have been enriched with personal exchanges amongst students and with lecturers, allow me to approach with pertinence and acuteness a broad range of issues regarding children."
Andrée Millet, Attorney at law, Marseille, France

"The programme offers the possibility to multiply and advocate children's rights in a very holistic and global human rights context. (…) Joining the programme is a must for professionals who work with and for children."
Sandra Stössel, Social Department, Zurich, Switzerland
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